New members welcome

We respond to dozens of incidents every year. A SAR organization that handles our size service area needs 40–50 members to help make sure we can respond to emergencies in our area or throughout the state. New volunteer members are always welcome at CCVSAR. Anyone ages 18 and up is eligible. Use this page to go through our simple application process, and soon you too can be a member of CCVSAR.

We all make the time

Most of our volunteers have full-time jobs elsewhere. We all understand that we volunteer when available, and we know that you will too.

More members mean more people available when someone is lost, hurt, and needs our help. The more members we have, the better coverage we’ll have for searches at all times of day or night.

Ready to join? Complete the application process below

1. Complete application and training

  1. Complete and sign the CCVSAR Application (PDF)
  2. Complete and sign the Chelan County Sheriff’s Emergency Worker Registration form (PDF)
  3. Take ICS 100 and print certificate of completion
  4. Take ICS 700 and print certificate of completion
  5. Provide copy of First Aid & CPR certification

2. Submit your application by mail or online

By mail

Mail your completed application packet to:

PO Box 196
Wenatchee, WA 98807


Email your files to

Thank you for applying to CCVSAR

We look forward to welcoming you and to you being part of our rescue team.